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That’s my pensive author face because I’m so deep.

Anyway, More About That

  Sure, vacillating between the visual art, illustration, architecture, music and literary industries like some sort of deranged omnisexual chameleon becomes hectic…

(you get the point)

…but I’ve committed to writing a novel anyway. Hundreds of thousands of words of preparation went into the foundation of the story, and finally I’ve reached the stage where I am systematically writing each chapter, a current sum of 65,000 words by the 14th.  Whoop.

It is a science-fiction with strong political undertones…and other things as well, to be specific.

In this section, I will post excerpts and updates regarding the book as I create it!  If you have questions about the characters, the story, and anything else related to this, feel free to comment here or reach out on social media and I will answer to the best of my ability.

We follow Daniel, a little boy residing in a byzantine place, whose curiosity begins to get the best of him as his cloaked guardians course through the halls of his dwelling like the peculiar blood coursing through his veins.  

Without further ado, here we have some very small, random excerpts for your palette:

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Hope you enjoyed the little taste.  So much was censored– wow, enticing.
I can’t share that many details (or even go as far as to reveal a detailed summary!) but I’ll be sharing more here.

Update as of 7/22/16:

I have decided to read more snippets from the book!  Enjoy if you hadn’t seen this already.

See you around,


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Past Exhibitions



For NYFW, on Sept. 10th, I walked for Couture Modeling Agency in collaboration with Marvelous Life Entertainment, promoting the work of 2 designers and raising breast cancer awareness.

I participated in a runway competition preceding NYFW and was a finalist.


From Oct. 1st-31st, my 2015 abstract piece “Shalt Not Lie” were in Urban Riche Gallery’s “Abstraction” show as a finalist.  This was a nice little drum roll for a new abstraction figure drawing I released shortly after, “From Obscurity ll”..

Show Link

Shalt Not Lie

©2015 “Shalt Not Lie”, 6 x 5″, standard writing pencil on paper, original abstract

“Black and White”

“Danny” and “Mansion” were featured by Colors of Humanity Art Gallery in their “Black and White” exhibition.  Promo launched on July 1st.


International Contemporary Artists

Two pieces of mine, “Carcass” and “Friend of Chief” have been featured in “International Contemporary Artists”, vol. XI!

Previous volumes:


From June 3rd – July 16th, one piece of mine, “Carcass”, was displayed in Converge Gallery of PA for an exhibition featuring modern portraiture.




©2014 “Carcass”, 3 x 4″, standard writing pencil on paper, original

 Gallery Website

“Black and White”


© 2015 “Mansion”, standard writing pencil on paper, 14″ x 8″, original

For the month of April, my piece, “Mansion”, was featured in Urban Riche Gallery’s “Black and White” exhibition as a finalist.

Gallery page!


From Feb 1st – 29th, my work was displayed in Urban Riche Gallery’s “Portrait” exhibition, and was chosen for Featured Artist on a dedicated page with a Q&A style interview.  For this competition, 86 entries were reviewed, with 4 Featured Artists chosen.

Featured Page + Interview!

Art Inter/National – Here and Abroad

From Jan 19th to March 4th, my pieces “Afterward” and “Carcass” were displayed at Boxheart Gallery’s “Art Inter/National – Here and Abroad” exhibition, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Online Gallery

Photos of the Exhibit:


Art Nation Basel

Three gentlemen of mine, “Petite”, “Kingdom”, and “Freedom” were displayed for the month of December!

Petitie 1kingdom_by_oddlyevocative-d96mgczFreedom

Screenshot (63)

Artist Pop Up show in NYC

From September 24th – 27th, four of my pieces, “Friend of Chief”, “Carcass”, “Soft”, and “Cayouette” were displayed in SoHo.  Sept 24th was the reception. Two enlarged prints were also displayed.


i-BNbk5Q3-L - Copy i-Lr2tRzZ-L i-WwJK9ws-L


All Pictures from Opening Reception 

Rochester Museum of Fine Arts 2015 Biennial 

From June 6th to September 26th, a print of my piece, “Beach House” was displayed with 17 others in the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, selected from over 300 global entries.

In conversation with the Best in Show Juror, Danielle Krysa, she said that she loved the piece and picked it as Runner Up.

Full Gallery and Press Release

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery “Mid Summer Night’s Dream” Exhibition

Exhibition Catalog

Group Press Release

My Press Release




From July 19th – August 4th, seven of my pieces, “Friend of Chief”, “Petite”, “Freedom”, “Contemporary Demonstration ll”, “Contemporary Demonstration I”, “From Obscurity”, and “Beach House”,  were displayed at Amsterdam Whitney Fine Arts in NYC.  June 25th was the ceremony.

Chait Galleries Downtown “Faces of Intensity” 2015 Exhibition

Prints of my portrait, “Friend of Chief”, were displayed in IA.

Art Expo NY



Four of my pieces, “Beach House”, “Canvas”, “Carcass”, and “Deluxe Cape”, were displayed in the massive Pier 94 show from April 23rd – 26th for the 2015 Art Expo NY Fair.

World Wide LA Fair


Three of my pieces, “Freedom”, “Soft”, and “Beach House”, were displayed in the Los Angeles World Wide Fair during the month of October.

Select Fair 

Photo May 08, 7 52 48 PMIMG_20140508_175515_477IMG_20140509_154829_395

IMG_20140508_180403_318Outside SELECT

Three of my pieces, “Beach House”, “Contemporary Demonstration I”, and “Contemporary Demonstration II”, were displayed in the Altman building from May 7th – 11th for the 2014 NYC Select Fair.

4 North Main Gallery Solo Exhibition 


Multiple pieces of mine were displayed in Southampton for the month of October in an intimate solo show.



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Featured: Digital Illustration “Elsariel” + detail shots

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“Portrait” series:

“Design” series: 

“Figure” series: 


“Abstract” series: 

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