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That’s my pensive author face because I’m so deep.

Anyway, More About That

  Sure, vacillating between the visual art, illustration, architecture, music and literary industries like some sort of deranged omnisexual chameleon becomes hectic…

(you get the point)

…but I’ve committed to writing a novel anyway. Hundreds of thousands of words of preparation went into the foundation of the story, and finally I’ve reached the stage where I am systematically writing each chapter, a current sum of 65,000 words by the 14th.  Whoop.

It is a science-fiction with strong political undertones…and other things as well, to be specific.

In this section, I will post excerpts and updates regarding the book as I create it!  If you have questions about the characters, the story, and anything else related to this, feel free to comment here or reach out on social media and I will answer to the best of my ability.

We follow Daniel, a little boy residing in a byzantine place, whose curiosity begins to get the best of him as his cloaked guardians course through the halls of his dwelling like the peculiar blood coursing through his veins.  

Without further ado, here we have some very small, random excerpts for your palette:

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Hope you enjoyed the little taste.  So much was censored– wow, enticing.
I can’t share that many details (or even go as far as to reveal a detailed summary!) but I’ll be sharing more here.

Update as of 7/22/16:

I have decided to read more snippets from the book!  Enjoy if you hadn’t seen this already.

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