This section is intended just to make mention of my investment in music. I’m no concert pianist (haven’t performed in concert…yet–wink wink) but I’ve taken it seriously enough to teach myself taxing classical compositions since I was 14.

…Hey! I can play and sing like a boss.

(More playing clips in above video at 9:46)

(More singing clips in above video at 8:06)

(Me being sassy for 4 minutes in above video at 12:25)

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"Can you SEE~ 👻🦄🌈" Headphones please. Little rendition of #christinaaguilera 's "Bound To You". I kinda wanted to be 'free' and sing it as she would with those haunting vocals, but I decided to accompany myself in the end Note: the last run for some reason, before the final high note, is…decidedly sharp, for some reason? I'm not sure what happened there, or how, because I maintained Em the entire time apart from that tiny bit. Anyway, I'll be replacing this clip when I record the whole song. #singing #music #song #playing #piano #music #skill #talented #selfindulgenttags #selftaught #everytimeyall #musician #artist #art #instamusic #singer #vocals @thegoodvoice @thelovelyvoice @dailysingoff @christinamariaaguilera @xtina oh goodness why did I tag that woman I'm sorry don't kill me I love you

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My men of choice are Schubert, Chopins, Beethoven (typical, I know), Gounod, and Bach.  I hope to get Liszt under my belt as well…sometime when I have the time.

My women of choice (yes) are Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga…you know.

That aside…I compose too.  I actually began composing before I even knew about notes, which sounds absurd, but somehow it worked to great effect.  Now I write in grand staff like any other ‘music-person’.

So, this post will be a mixing bowl of some clips, classical alongside original.   These will be dated, fragmented, and quirky, but hey– it’s still something before I go for studio recordings. (Stay tuned for that…)  Further updates will be posted here.


More Recent Clip (Bit from allegro con fuoco ma non troppo)

More Recent Clip (Bit from Allegro)

Random Original

Wanderer Fantasie – 1st Movement  (Errors abound)

Wanderer Fantasie – 2nd Movement  (Whoop, more errors)

Franz’s Ave Maria

Mut Video of Fast Paced Musics (because why not)?

Random Original 2

Random Original Tres

Random Original 4

There are other clips floating about, some of which on my Instagram page.  The rest (Waterfall Etude, Moonlight Sonata) is in my head I’m afraid… I’ll have to film and get more clips up.

Ballad clip

Presto Clip

Instagram Singing Clips:

Oooh…What is this?

And this…

And thos

And thios

soiht ndA

Keep an eye out for updates of all sorts.

See you around,


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