Thomas, age 25, is a self-trained graphite photo-realist/ realist. His use of rudimentary writing pencil and adherence to miniature forged the hyper-acute technique needed for the fine detail in his portraits, architectural designs and figure drawings. He expanded into digital illustration with the same principles while working from scratch, and is also an emphatic creative writer, musician, actor and editorial model.  Sections about each discipline are available on this website.

Having exhibited nationally since the age of 16, he has attended group showings as well as prestigious art fairs such as Art Expo, Select and World Wide Art Fair. In addition, his work is displayed on various internationally acclaimed websites, showcased in global museum quality and exclusive catalogs such as the International Contemporary Artists catalog by IncoArtists and the Hidden Treasure Art Magazine by HT Art Magazine Publishing, has been personally commended by Ivy League institutions such as Princeton University and Columbia University, and has earned him a membership in the American Artist Professional League.

As a self-taught artist, proper resources were necessary in order to reach a professional level and harness his aptitude for detailed drawing. With influences like Frank Lloyd Wright and Salvador Dali, he studied in his own time from books and observation to create a unique but technical approach to the genre. After about 8 years he was recognized for his proficiency despite never having been conventionally taught in any art school.


Howard, Thomas (b. 1996, US)

ThomasBHoward@tbhwritingpencil.com | tbhwritingpencil.com

Decade of independent training

2012, “WW33- Full Circles”, West Windsor Arts Center, Princeton Juncture, NJ

2013, (Solo Exhibition), 4 North Main Gallery, Southampton

2014, “Color, Line and Form”, arteziana.net

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2014, “Still Life Art Exhibition”, focuspointshape.com

2014, “3rd Biannual”, fourpointscontemporary.com

2014, “Starry Night Gallery” at Select Fair, Chelsea, NY

  1. “10 x 10 x 10,” Mighty Tieton, Seattle, WA

2014, “Starry Night Gallery”, at World Wide LA, LA

2014, “Abstraction Competition”, artexhibeo.com

2015, “Telephone Exhibition”, Satellite Collective, NY

2015, “Art Expo NY”, Artisan Direct LTD

2015, “Faces of Intensity”, Chait Galleries Downtown, Washington Street, IA

2015, “Contemplations in Diversity”, Montclair, NJ

2015, “2015 Biennial Exhibition”, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, Rochester, NH

2015, “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”, Amsterdam Whitney Fine Arts, Chelsea, NY

2015, “Artist Pop Up Show”, Artisan Direct LTD, SoHo, NY

2015, “Art Nation Basel”, Artisan Direct LTD, Miami, FL

2016, “Art Inter/National – Here and Abroad”, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

2016, “Portrait”, Urban Riche Gallery

2016, “Black and White”, Urban Riche Gallery

2016, “Selfie”, Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA

2016, “Black and White”, Colors of Humanity Gallery

2016, “Abstraction”, Urban Riche Gallery

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Thomas B. Howard

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